Opening to the Body

Squirrel came to thePanda one day looking flustered and exhausted.  What shall I do, she cried, red-eyed and sniffling! The winter has been so long, so cold. My tree of 10 years has been toppled by a tornado.  I can’t find my store of nuts.  Sometimes I feel like I just can’t go on. How can I go on?  What will become of me?

But Panda had much experience with situations like this and he just quietly listened.  And after awhile, as Squirrel poured out her soul, Panda’s peaceful acceptance gradually helped her to release her pain and she grew calmer and clearer.

 At some point she asked,  Why can’t I just be like Sister Ghost?   Ghost is always so relaxed and contented.  And even when she does get upset, it never lasts.  A few minutes later, she’s back to her smiling self. 

 And Panda said, “Sister Ghost can let go of her stress so easily because she doesn’t have a body.  It takes a body to hold onto anger, worry or fear.  Having no body, feelings just come and go and G is free to experience the peace and contentment that is always here, deep down at the core.” 

 Squirrel felt a bit skeptical about the notion that peace and contentment is always here, but she respected Panda and recalled that he’d helped many of the other beings in the local ecosystem.  So she asked, “And is there any way that I could let go of my anxiety, seeing as I have a body?”  So Panda began to coach Squirrel on working with her body so that she too could deal with the worry and stress that had been afflicting her. 

In order for stress and negative feelings to hang around, they need to be anchored in our body.   Somewhere within our bodies we are holding on or holding back.  Somewhere in our bodies we are clutching or squeezing or bracing against a ‘negative’ feeling, an imagined future, a bad memory.   In ‘Opening to the Body’, we become more aware of what’s going on with us, physically.   We learn to open up to the physical sensations of body, simply opening to what is here now, without trying to fix or change anything.

When you are ready to begin, click the audio link below, Opening to the Body – 1.


Opening to the Body – 1

Opening to the Body – 2


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