Opening to Feelings

Working with Stress, anxiety, and just about anything else

 The process that we go through in the audio clips below will help you to work with your stress and the negative emotions wrapped up with it.  The process builds on the “Welcoming the Body” section of the Short Course that we went through earlier. If you haven’t yet worked with “Welcoming the Body”, please do so and then come back here.

 On a particularly cold and blustery winter day, Sister Squirrel scampered to one of her hidden caches of nuts.  She’d placed it in an old log which happened to be buried under a foot of snowy ice at the time, so she began dig through the crust with her sharp claws.  After much digging, Sister Squirrel finally broke through to the frozen ground only to realize that the log wasn’t there.  Her precious food stores were missing!

 She began to panic.  She began to feel stirrings of the anxiety and despair that had overwhelmed her during her first visit with Panda.  However, Squirrel also remembered Panda’s recent lesson on welcoming her feelings …  not resisting or fighting the ‘negative’ feelings that arise in life.   So as the feelings arose, she simply stopped and noticed where she was resisting them in her body. She tuned into and embraced that tension.  And then she tuned into the feelings themselves, the fear that she was trying not to feel, and embraced that as well. 

 After going back and forth through this process for a bit, Squirrel regained her equilibrium.  She felt much calmer and clearer.  As she looked around with her “acceptance-eyes” (one of Panda’s phrases), she realized the she’d been digging in the wrong place.  The snow had obscured some familiar landmarks and her usually infallible sense of direction had been thrown off.  Scanning the terrain again, this time with a sense of acceptance and clarity, Sister Squirrel was drawn to a discolored patch of ice 20 feet from her current location.   Scampering to that place, she began digging and this time, uncovered her log. 

 Every day, thousands of thoughts come into then pass out of our minds. They arise, hang out briefly, then leave … unless we try to suppress them or fight them for some reason.  Then they stay stuck in our minds – or if we temporarily succeed in pushing them aside, they always return, often with greater force than they had originally.

 Stress and other so-called ‘negative’ feelings are just like this.  If we let ourselves tune into and fully feel our stress, fear, anger, etc, without trying to get rid of them, they simply pass through or evaporate on their own.    If we fight them however, try to suppress or get rid of them, they stay around even longer like an unwelcome relative.  And if we should succeed in pushing them down, they come back again, as troubling as ever.

The following process will help you to open to your stress.  It builds on the “Welcoming the Body” process that we went through earlier. If you haven’t yet worked through “Welcoming the Body”, please go through both parts of it and then, and then come back here.

 When you are ready to begin, click on the audio link, Opening to Feelings – part 1, below.


Opening to Feelings – 1

Opening to Feelings – 2

Opening to Feelings – 3


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