Inviting Flow

Old Moose woke up late one night with the sure sense that something was off.  However, he smelled no danger and heard no commotion. The woods were silent and a tattered moon peeked out from behind 

the clouds.   So settling back down in bed, he let his mind wander over the events of the previous day … Waking up, washing his face, brewing some coffee, off to work.  Just like every other day for the past 20 years.  And then it hit him!   “ Just like every other day …”, he thought. 

 “That’s what it is.   I put up with things, but I’m not happy.  Life just goes on … I just go on.  One step after the other. staring at my feet.  I make myself do what I need to do, but without any deep connection to the situations and people in my life.  It often feels very tiring … hard.  There’s no happiness or fulfillment in this way of living.“   And with these thoughts nattering away, Moose feel asleep.


 The next day he visited Panda  and discuss his dilemma. He explained that even though he used the Letting Go methods that Panda had coached him on during previous visits, he knew that he was still missing something.  Life felt flat. His  Life was passing him by.

  And Panda said, “I think I understand, Moosie.  You’re now able to release most of the resistance to people and situations that bothered you in the past.  So life has become much easier.  But there’s still very little sense of aliveness or fun or connectedness in your activities.  Although you can let go of most of your negativity, you still have subtle habits of feeling cut off, bored, uncertain, angry.  So we need to give you new emotional habits.    

 Then, pausing, Panda took a puff on his fired bamboo pipe. “There is a knack to moving through life”, he said.  “There is a way of taking action so that your life goes forward with a sense of rightness, fulfillment, inspiration.  Acting with pleasure rather than being whipped on by guilt or anxiety.  When you take action in this way, not only do you really increase your chances of success, but it’s much less effort and much more fun!

 Then Panda began to coach Moose on  a simple method to accomplish this.  He showed Panda how to evoke the feelings of rightness and inspiration.  And how to work with any resistance to that which might come up in the process.

This is the final section of The Short Course.  If you haven’t yet worked with the second course module,  Opening to Feelings, please do so before going further.  Otherwise, go ahead and click below on the audio link, Part 1 of Inviting Flow.


Inviting Flow – 1

Inviting Flow – 2


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