Six Ways to Release Stress

Here are some principles or guidelines on living and acting in such a way as to bring flow into your life.  Flow as opposed to drivenness and stress.  I guess you could consider this as theory. Over time, I’ll post specific processes that will help you with each of the following.

  • Release the sense of fighting, of problem.    Rather see it as an interesting project …  curiosity,  interest  in gathering more info.   Or interest in exploring another pathway to the summit.
  • Release the sense of urgency, emergency, pressure to get it done. Let go of deadline,  time running out.  Instead:  allow relaxation.  Peace.  Appreciate this moment sans future.   What’s here now?    Bodily sensations, the environment.
  • Release the fear of failure … of awful consequences.   Rather:  tune into confidence,  interest,  possibility, resourcefulness.  Simply be in this moment.   Attune to the body, the senses, the environment.
  • Release the notion of one right way.  Of  rigidly dictating outcomes.  Rather:   be open to situations – allow them to develop in their own surprising ways.  Look to be pleasantly surprised by what develops.
  • Release fixation on I, me … what I want, my way of doing things, how I think it should be.  Rather:   how is the universe flowing?  Be willing to ride that flow.   To guide and ride that flow.
  • When I get tired or confused:  allow stillness.  Let myself just BE, releasing all that would get me stuck in my head.  All that tells me I’ve got to finish now.  Be in this moment with your body.  With the environment.  Until energy and clarity return.
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